The development of a more clear picture of the West Stretch Charm

side of development, while exploration, while innovation, in recent years, great strides to the beautiful West area of western, western culture, modern service industry into the core area, West more and more attractive, charming West become a new location of the land. In 2014, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, the western economic and social development to achieve new development, positioning more clearly; deepen the reform to achieve new breakthroughs, the development of more powerful; Party building new achievements, leading the development of stronger; the base construction progress was made, the foundation for the development of more stable; the construction of new achievements, optimize the development environment.
today western will to create more attractive in the west, 2015 district west district government will lead the cadres and the masses is committed to ecological construction, reform and innovation, to improve the urban vector function at the same time, to further improve the quality of the city, continue to increase social livelihood improvement efforts, we see that the west is the charm of the modernization enter the city.
this year wonderful charm of western new more clear positioning
[clear] development position this year, the economic and social development to achieve new development of west area, positioning more clearly. The area around the building of the Western charm of new positioning, actively respond to the complicated situation, the total regional economy continues to rise, further optimize the industrial structure, running steadily improve the quality of the main economic indicators to achieve two digit growth. Continuous improvement of social and livelihood, to create a number of people’s livelihood highlights, the masses of all ethnic groups to further enhance the happiness index.
[part reforms go deepening reform in the forefront of the city] has made new breakthroughs, the development of more powerful. Adhere to undertake the implementation of the western region with the pilot first, to promote the reform of various fields, seven aspects of the task of achieving the reform of the 18 stages of the results, part of the reform in the forefront of the city.
[focusing on the four winds issue to carry out remediation] west adhere to Party building as the biggest achievement to grasp, to fully implement the responsibility system of Party building, and promote grass-roots party building normalization, branding, project oriented, continue to broaden the field of Party building, Party building rich connotation, carrier, perfect party mechanism innovation of Party construction, the party organizations at all levels of creativity, cohesion,;

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