Xining City ndustrial and Commercial Bureau seized a pyramid scheme case

after several weeks of tracking the deal, recently, the city of Xining City branch in the West Main Street, building eleven, seized a pyramid organization.

after the investigation, the MLM organizations use "Winalite" name, "the love of" selling anion sanitary napkins, the mode is to buy a box of "love" anion sanitary napkins (430 yuan) became a member, to buy 12 boxes of upgrade to three members, buy 30 boxes to upgrade to four will become the three or four member of class members can obtain distribution rights, distribution rights of members obtained by introducing others to buy products and reap the benefits of the development of membership, membership rewards product prices in 30% to buy a product, the development of a membership reward is to buy the product price of 10% members, is a pyramid the obvious nature of the. Law enforcement officers have been screened out after severance education more than 50 people involved in MLM, key personnel to organize and participate in marketing were asked detailed investigation, seized the love of "sanitary napkin box 250, worth more than 10 yuan. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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