Qinghai Radio Management Office of Xining management office to carry out activities to enhance the i

April 10th morning, the Xining Management Office held a meeting of all cadres and workers, to carry out the promotion of executive power to discuss the activities of the mobilization and deployment. The meeting conveyed the province in 2012 radio management work conference on developing and improving the executive force to discuss the activities of the spirit and the "Qinghai province radio management office notice on carrying out and improving the executive force in the province to discuss the activities of the radio management system". In order to promote the development of improving the executive force to discuss the activities of the in-depth, Xining Management Office in accordance with the provincial Office of the unified arrangement and deployment, combined with their own reality, to carry out extensive discussion activities in all cadres and workers, to ensure the effectiveness of proposed specific requirements. First, we must strengthen the study, a profound understanding of the significance of the great discussion activities. Executive ability is the ability to carry out the strategic decisions, policies and work arrangements of the superior, and the ability to carry out the tasks. To enhance the execution of discussion activities conducive to Improve Cadres’ work efficiency and overall quality of each staff to further raise awareness, take the discussion activities with the radio management system "for the people service excellence" activities and the municipal government office of "meticulous service" activities closely together, together with their own work, and effectively solve the ineffective implementation in the work, the implementation of the problem of insufficient, further improve their work style, improve work ability and service level. Two is carefully organized, earnestly carry out the specific implementation of the big discussion activities. All cadres and workers should be strictly in accordance with the management department to carry out the discussion activities to enhance the execution plan, to focus on learning, training and self-study combined manner, widely used in various forms of learning activities to discuss, study notes, comments, and self-examination report and corrective measures to ensure personal summary the study and discussion activities in personnel, time, content, effect of the implementation of "four". Three is to pay close attention to the implementation of practical activities to ensure the great discussion. The management office has set up a leading group for the first responsible person. All the staff at the "willing execution", "will not execute" and "execute fast" and "good results" and other sectors, serious control problems for checking the existence of the implementation of corrective measures to give advice and suggestions, strive to enhance the comprehensive coordination, information processing, rapid response and other "eight abilities", and to strengthen the learning organization, cadres, work style and other "six construction", to enhance the execution of discussion activities to promote the work to a new level.  

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