Xining examined and adopted the further support for stable growth of the industry

in order to further improve the environment for the development of enterprises, promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, to achieve industrial steady growth, the overall situation of the city to ensure stable economic development, in April 3rd, the Xining Municipal People’s government held a standing committee passed "further support the steady growth of the industry views", to create a good external environment for the development of enterprises.

it is understood that in order to reduce the burden on enterprises, Xining will intensify policy support, social insurance fee holdover policy continues, Small and micro businesses temporary difficulties in production and operation, the relevant departments of the audit to determine, over the basic old-age insurance, over a period of no longer than 6 months, from late holdover period kim.

actively promote industrial investment, and actively organize the implementation of key special support. Accelerate the construction of major industrial projects. Make full use of the risk pool fund loan support; effectively solve the financing problems of small and micro enterprises to promote the rapid development of small and medium enterprises in Xining. Encourage small and micro enterprises to promote investment. Improve the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval of the project, strict control of new approval items, there is no legal basis, shall not be set or disguised approval items.

In addition,

will adjust and optimize the industrial structure, and actively build and improve the advantages of the industrial chain. Strengthen the protection of resource elements, improve the service level; strengthen the protection of industrial land; improve other elements of protection. Will accelerate the upstream and downstream industry docking, creating a good atmosphere for development.


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