Qinghai green goods selling 13 million 500 thousand in Nanjing

In April 7th, the four day Qinghai brand promotion will be the curtain, I 202 brands exhibitors 2310 plateau specialty Nanjing has been public favor, promotion will be only four days, the total sales amounted to 13 million 500 thousand yuan. Directed at the "natural, green, pollution-free" characteristics, 127 enterprises at home and abroad and the province signed a trade agreement, the signing amount of $7 billion 682 million.

this promotion will be organized in our province exhibitors 24 Categories of goods, 2310 varieties, an increase of nearly 600 varieties over last year. Compared with the past, a more complete range of goods. Jiangsu and the surrounding Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang and other 17 provinces and cities in the purchase of more than 2 thousand and 600 participants, creating the most.

it is reported that the promotion of the province will have 62 companies and Jiangsu reached a shopping mall in the mall reached the agreement, the 132 companies with the outside of the province reached a product broker or dealer agreement 365. 58 companies with Italy, Yemen and other 4 countries and regions, as well as Jiangsu, Shanghai and other provinces and cities of the 127 companies signed a total of 128 trade agreements, the signing amount of $7 billion 682 million.

in addition, promotion by enterprises, well-known brand super docking Entrepreneurs Association and commodity display a variety of ways, there are 106 enterprises and 125 domestic and foreign companies signed a purchase and sale agreement in our province, the total amount of agreement about 1 billion 243 million yuan. Qinghai cashmere industry, Huzhu County, Weiyuan highland barley wine, Qinghai nine hundred Chinese herbal pieces and other companies organized a fashion show, ethnic customs performances, the return of consumers and other activities, to promote the new highlights, attractions and selling points.

According to

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, the Qinghai Nanjing brand promotion will be successive since entrepreneurs find partners, to find the most, most dealers settled, most supermarket products entrepreneur friends most, one of the largest signed purchase and sale agreement.


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