Xining city by the micro film publicity xiadou Charm

here is one of the most famous musicians in China, Mr. Wang Luobin, the first place to create a popular music, which is the gathering place of multi-ethnic culture, the unique scenery of the unique world. This is cool, quiet, pure in world famous city – Xining summer summer. As a new mode of modern marketing in recent years, the micro film plays an increasingly prominent role in the dissemination of civilization, promoting culture, shaping the spirit, guiding public opinion, publicity and promotion of tourism resources and so on. When Xining meets the micro film, what kind of spark will collide?

China’s first music tourism micro film was born

city cultural tourism promotion with the cultural industry and tourism industry revitalization and development, along with the development of tourism and cultural integration needs, form and content, is becoming more and more rich and colorful, and the new communication mode is also in many city cultural tourism development process plays a more and more important role. How to stand out in the market competition of many cultural tourism cities? How to attract more tourists and investors? How to innovate the means of Xining tourism promotion, through the effective dissemination of the way Xining tourism will be promoted? Our city has been thinking.

has been, Xining attaches great importance to cultural integration, tourism development, a new model of modern marketing and tourism micro films as the rise in recent years, it is becoming the most popular tourism market as a way of publicity. To strengthen our efforts to promote tourism, expand publicity channels, outstanding tourism city, excellent tourist resources in our city to expand the influence of network media, accelerate the international well-known plateau landscape garden tourism city construction, I decided to use the micro film, let more people know the summer capital of Xining, the summer capital Xining cultural experience beauty, beauty, beauty of the region, the beautiful Xining to pass, let more people know Xining, Xining, Xining feel love.

performed by Shanghai orient culture media Co. Ltd. creative Chinese first music tour micro film "love summer", Xining tourism and micro film this form of combination, open a window for the world to know Xining.

uncover the summer love mystery veil

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG China hosted the first music tour micro film "love summer", will be Xining’s wonderful performance was most incisive through music elements, is a new creative China micro movie history.

– creative one: Tourism and original music fusion

as China’s first music tourism micro film, is a cultural tourism and local integration of the original ecological music micro film. Qinghai native music;

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