The Eastern hundred days won the first battle

  * 12 communities together with all the people to participate in the enthusiasm of the high * afforestation of 500 acres of   * carpet type Mopai charges

  since the eastern city to carry out slow blocking Paul Chang hundred days of action, the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action of the two "hundred days", East District every day of the new changes, the members of the community, homogeneous linkage, enthusiastic participation of hundreds of thousands of residents, the Eastern "hundred days" action won the first battle, access to the masses praise.

East District set up a joint remediation group, the store outside the store management, stall spill situation to persuade, remediation. Especially in the focus on farmers market inspection in strict accordance with the requirements of stall point, disorderly illegal operation, "tongue", graffiti and other phenomena to strictly regulate the chaotic post remediation, and combining the twenty-seventh Patriotic Health Month activities, requirements of the market to strengthen the sense of responsibility, actively mobilize the operators and staff to carry out remediation activities. In the improvement of the environment, the most effective is the "green" project, as of April 24th, east area fully completed in the spring of 500 acres of afforestation, three mountain in the north and South West Han Tai Lin, pan mountain forest, the Nanshan District government green area, Shi Jiaping, He Beiyang, spruce, pine, planted 55 thousand strains.

focus on the supervision of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry slaughter phenomenon of illegal slaughter. From the East District of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau led the development of the implementation of the "program" in 2015 the East District of supervision of livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises and "Chengdong district on norms of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry special action plan", and the City Business Bureau, District Health Bureau, city public security Bureau and other departments jointly carry out the slaughterof phenomenon of indiscriminate slaughter campaign has the area under the South Gate Street and slaughtering enterprises and the Republic of North meat business households centralized inspection, strengthen publicity and guidance, strengthen supervision to ensure safety of meat consumption of meat.

for the city’s environmental health problems, joint remediation group "iron hand" remediation within the jurisdiction of the hotel catering, farmers markets, shops and other shops along the street and other phenomena. The urban and rural resident building, high streets and back lanes, joint, river, railway, garbage transfer stations, public toilets, green belt area cleaning is not in place, debris cluttered, chaotic post graffiti phenomenon started cleaning.

, it is worth mentioning that the LINJIAYA Community Public Service Center Joint Factory District Urban Management Bureau and the area along the thorough remediation of environmental health. A total of more than 50 people, a forklift, remediation area of more than 8000 square meters, clean up more than 50 tons of construction waste and garbage, clean up more than 30 toilets. International Village Community Public Service Center District Urban Management Bureau, the focus of the area to clean up and regulate the management of the hospital, more than 30 people, a motor vehicle, garbage removal of 5 tons. Prosperous Lane Community Public Service Center in the area within the service of Party members, government agencies, staff, school teachers, students, residents, etc., a total of more than 90 people, cleaning up the families of the packaging company hospital, Tak garden, family members of the business;

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