System planning for three years tackling the problem Xining slow blocking Paul Chang work force

September 23rd 18, the South Ring Road West Avenue Interchange mainline bridge across the board, marking the ease of urban traffic pressure in Xining City Road outer ring network construction quality and speed.

three years plans to invest 53 billion 700 million yuan, the new road mileage of 276.03 kilometers, open the Xining traffic for the first time in the history of large-scale road construction, the road area per capita from 7.8 square metres to 12.88 square meters now.

"travel difficult, travel difficult, difficult parking, people suck, government heart. During the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining to the Xining delegation to participate in deliberations, Xining city around the building livable city life, city of happiness goals, an antidote against the disease, comprehensive measures to control traffic congestion, the actual effectiveness of the benefit of the masses. Governor Hao Peng also repeatedly instructed Xining to make full use of the north-south high-speed link, the construction of a new pattern of the outer ring network, effectively alleviate the traffic congestion problem.

"short-term and long-term reverse radical, an action plan, five……" Adhere to the top-level push, pay attention to the treatment of specimens, systematic thinking, comprehensive measures, the implementation of the road network assault plan. From the vehicle, parking lot, diversion planning adjustment of bus lines, traffic information management, city network construction, traffic congestion at this city ills.

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