Experts recommend external forces to promote entrepreneurship students

college students entrepreneurship is no longer a new thing, then, in the process of entrepreneurship students who will encounter difficulties? Recently, users College Research Center launched a 2015 survey of college students entrepreneurial attitude, survey shows that 56.3% of the "90" offered in the university entrepreneurship to school, without any entrepreneurial intention "90" accounted for 43.7%. Although 90 are seemingly on entrepreneurial eager, the Ministry of education also provides more favorable conditions. However, students of the suspension entrepreneurship does not seem to particularly high interest. 92.8% of the "90" not willing to drop out of business school entrepreneurship, "90" accounted for only 7.2%.


for most students tend to the field of entrepreneurship, 35.7% of the "90" hope is in the field of science and technology and the Internet, accounted for the largest proportion; 30.1% people tend to venture in the catering industry; 10.2% people have the entrepreneurial orientation of education training field.

Tsinghua MBA gem will graduate this year. Compared with other students in need of employment, she was lucky, because as a co-founder of her company, Beijing Jia Yao has Technology Co. Ltd. was incorporated in April last year, to November last year, won the plum growth fund 5 million angel investment. Zhang Can, the company’s main business is to provide semi-finished food to help users achieve the family table 90% cooking to accept reservations through the website "" users, online ordering, logistics home, 15 minutes of cooking chef taste.

"big city workers are generally very busy, no time or energy to cook their own food, cooking for preparatory work, such as shopping, washing and cutting vegetables, takes one or two hours old, go out to eat and not too healthy." Zhang Can introduction, the original intention of the whole team is to meet the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these big cities drift of office workers, can enjoy a positive and healthy diet in daily >

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