How to open a grocery store

is now small and fine grocery store is very popular, widely used in various types of products, can be freely chosen for the public, the quality of the product is reassuring, no worries about the natural business. How to open a grocery store? If you really want to know, you can look at, I hope to help you.

/ step method

the budget of the investment: first, in the choice of products to choose trustworthy quality products, the first purchase cost about 10000 to 15000 yuan (according to the size of the store), usually a quarter of rent: 1000 yuan in the first quarter to count, a year rent in 12 thousand yuan, interior decoration and shelves, the hook sign costs 3000 yuan, 500 yuan, the business license fee of 2000 yuan, the brand and the long-term distribution labor service fee of 8000 yuan, a total investment of 26500 to 31500 yuan



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