The successful operation of the clothing store how to purchase

clothing market demand huge let a lot of people want to invest in clothing sales industry, then you want to run a successful clothing store, clothing purchase is quite essential, today, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about how to purchase clothing store.


for the crowd: there is such a big market, they have a certain ability to talk about the price of friend


the regular manufacturers supply adequate, the high degree of credit, if long-term cooperation, generally able to secure product exchange. But generally speaking, the manufacturers of high volume, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough funds to reserve, there is a distribution channel, and there will be no risk of cargo pressure.   some even supply is from my relatives into the factory. So there is no need to worry about customer service and service quality. The prices are reasonable. If continuous time shelves are not good sales can also exchange. So the shop Dongdong often have new products on the shelves. Not to say otherwise. Is " advertising " suspected ~


for the crowd: there is a certain economic strength, and other distribution channels his friend


for the crowd: have their own other distribution channels, sales of large friend

outside the current surplus products in foreign trade orders outside of many factories or some well-known brand OEM production will have some surplus products, the price is usually very low, usually the market price of 2-3 fold, the absolute guarantee of quality workmanship, this is a good purchase channels. However, the general requirements of the purchaser >

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