What are the entry points of outbound business opportunities

now Tu People’s economic conditions are good, ordinary people also began to enjoy travel, they want to go abroad, to see the outside world, this wave of popularity also provides better business opportunities for the people.

on outbound market space, small no longer,   what are the main talk around the outbound business opportunities.

can be seen from the figure, startup opportunities mainly in line scheduled consumption and consumption on line decision.

in "destination inspired" stage, the user access to information sources in addition to the circle of friends, travel Raiders products, magazines, including OTA, especially the main "popular destination + single" sale website.

"money" is the main factor to consider a lot of people travel abroad, the end of a single sale greatly reduce the user cost of travel decision. The general use of pre-sale mode: 1 pre-sale may be a backlog of products; 2 temporary sales of stock products. The advantage of using "cheap" users to quickly gather, limitation is that the ceiling is obvious, and the profit space is limited. In the product to gather the user, if the user needs to provide all around the outbound solutions still have a lot of imagination.

"consumption OTA" stage, from the service, the user useful leverage "money" outbound tourism demand stage.

custom tour mainly for business travel, family travel group. Customized services provided by professional consultants, but also based on large data and personalized customization of artificial intelligence.

Master recommended for user outbound docking live in the local Chinese students, etc., to meet the needs of users through Master UGC content. This kind of product is to challenge Master service quality is not controlled, the platform just to play docking role and service is ultimately to the line, how to get more Master resources and how to identify the quality Master service for more users, is a big problem.

the routine, mainly through identity authentication of Master, provided >

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