How to make the name more attractive open micro shop

talking about micro shop, even if we are not operators, but there should be a lot of people will feel very familiar, so it has become a channel for countless micro businesses to get rich. However, if you want to successfully open a micro shop, in addition to the need to have good products, good services, but also need to have a more attractive name. So, how to make the name more attractive open micro shop?

as the saying goes "head start", a stunning shop names can be the first time to seize the attention of consumers, so as to attract traffic. So when the store owner to take the name, in addition to easy to spread and memory, but also has a certain novelty. On this basis, we should pay attention to avoid the same name with other shops, only in this way can be very different from other shops, thereby attracting the attention of customers.

1. shop naming principles

Although the name of the name of the name of the

micro shop shop is not established, but if you want to give the store attractive, or to follow the following principles.

(1) simple and clear. Micro shop is very small, and a lot of similar shops, so the name of the more simple, the better remember, the more practical. So the name should be simple, readable and easy to remember, the name can not get too complicated, otherwise it will cause negative effects. For example, some stores with difficult word for the name of love, do not know the customer not only, but also can not read the note, is not conducive to word of mouth.

(2) reflects the characteristics of store goods. The name must be consistent with the management of goods, operators usually reflect the operating characteristics of the main store or to reflect the excellent quality, so that consumers easily identify shop business scope, and have the desire to buy.

(3) gives a sense of beauty: the name should give a person with aesthetic and artistic accomplishment, a good name to cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable. Poetry is easy to make people think, if the buyer first saw the name can have a good association of shop sales of goods, more easy to impress.

(4) name must be novel. The new name can quickly grasp the consumer’s vision, attracted the interest of consumers, to attract them to the store. The success of the representative as a fresh, Dasanyuan, Goubuli and other famous brand store name, will increase consumer interest and curiosity.

2. shop naming skills

owners can refer to the following named small skills for their own micro shop to get a good name.

(1) named from the customer’s point of view. Customer is God, to meet the needs of customers, the store has sales. Therefore, from the customer’s point of view for the micro shop named, has become the first choice for many businesses and enterprises, such as

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