The world’s top ten brands of bicycles

speaking of bicycles, a lot of people think this is perhaps the "permanent" brand, indeed, this is a great influence in the China, however in the global bicycle market, it is actually not to be able to position the row. Here, let Xiaobian for you to analyze the world’s top ten brands of bicycles, so as to give you the choice to do a better reference.

world’s top ten brands of bicycles NO.1, Nicolai (Nicola)

Nicolai (Nicola), the world Aluminum Alloy rear suspension mountain bike frame king, has been committed to making the top hand Aluminum Alloy bicycle. CNC machining technology can Chen bicycle industry peak, painting bold bright colored, undisguised ambition. Ultra high strength and excellent performance has always been proud of the Nicolai frame core.

world’s top ten bicycle brands NO.2, Marmot groundhog

MARMOT name Chinese marmot, commonly known as the marmot. Founded by former president of the United States, high-end bicycle brand CANNONDALE, who co founded the bicycle industry called Ferrari. MARMOT is one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers, is currently the world’s most professional sports bicycle production bike brands. MARMOT groundhog as the world’s 27.5 inch /650B bicycle pioneer known.

world’s top ten brands of bicycles NO.3, Colnago plum

1944, Ernesto COLNAGO has experienced 12 years of work in the car after the initiation of the idea of making the frame itself, so the world has been made in Italy Colnago pure frame. The founder of the brand hopes that his brand can become the world’s top in the bicycle industry, so the selection of the plum logo, until today, the plum blossom has been recognized as a symbol of the world.

world’s top ten brands of bicycles NO.4, Tyrell Taylor

TYRELL Taylor is a brand name of TYRELL (Taylor) the German cyclist was founded in 1912, represents the highest engineering bicycle industry. TYRELL has always been low-key, but it has a history of nearly a century. The TYRELL product is based on a classic, pure hand based design, with superb design and superior performance, which is unmatched and sold to people who really know what is the best bike.

world’s top ten brands of bicycles NO.5, Look Rock


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