Start empty handed five years tens of millions of profit

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start empty-handed examples of successful entrepreneurs have a lot of opportunities, now is all around. Many people worry that they do not have enough money to start a business, and wasted a good opportunity. When we are faced with business opportunities, we need to firmly grasp the opportunity, only in this way it is possible to succeed. The following introduces you to a good start empty-handed example:

Zhu Xiaoming with 18 yuan business started, to the king of car sales base, the success of his entrepreneurial path, for us today, entrepreneurship is a very good reference and enlightenment. The quickest way to earn money, entrepreneurs should choose the suitable environment, the environment, personal advantage is displayed, even start empty-handed, but as long as the use of personal advantage, still can dig a bucket of gold.

1985, a 20 year old Zhu Xiaoming carrying a sewing machine to Shanghai soon, know a guy named Liang Bin’s considerate and warmhearted changchun. Liang Bin was a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, Changchun clerk. The quickest way to earn money, a day after dinner, Liang Bin and Zhu Xiaoming chat, Ran Bin said to Zhu Xiaoming, Shanghai is the clothing market, here like you as master tailor, craft, in Shanghai is not what, but to the northeast of Changchun is the master, as you go to the northeast. Zhu Xiaoming think Liang Bin analysis in the spring of 1986, on his back, luggage and sewing machines, pocket money only 36 yuan, boarded the train Changchun concept. Luggage and sewing machines overweight, but also to fill the 18 yuan ticket, he was only $18.

the thought of these, Zhu Xiaoming immediately to his neighbors do free clothing, if the neighbors offer money, he also received only a point to eat dinner. He did not take the initiative, not long after the oral hospital doctors, nurses came to ask him to do the clothing. The fastest way to earn money, Zhu Xiaoming’s living more and more, after a period of time, many people know that there is a hospital near the mouth of the clothes do a good tailor. Find him clothes people lined up, but no matter to do clothes piled to the thick pile, he did not sloppy. Therefore, his mouth is getting better and better, more and more famous ring. Zhu Xiaoming diligent work, in 1989, he earned nearly twenty thousand yuan.

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