Jiangsu tourism outstanding achievements in 2016 revenue reached 10263 billion

people’s living standards improve, at the same time, the spirit of culture has a significant pursuit, so in the current society, the tourism industry in full swing! 18, the Jiangsu provincial government held a provincial tourism will promote the work on the good news: according to preliminary estimates, last year, the total income of tourism industry in Jiangsu for the first time exceeded trillion yuan, up to 10263 billion yuan, an increase of 13.4%; the province’s tourism industry to increase the proportion of the value of GDP was 6%, the tourism industry has become an important pillar industry in our province.

hand over the Jiangsu tourism gratifying answer exciting. More and more people want to explore is: there is no well-known mountains and rivers and other natural resources advantage of Jiangsu, why can after Guangdong became the second national tourism province into "trillion industry" club?

Xing Wang industry businesses, tourism had far-reaching significance


National Day golden week last year, Nanjing received 8 million 830 thousand tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of $8 billion 440 million, a substantial increase. The "big one" tourism appear a big change: scenic area accounted for 8.01% from the same period last year dropped to 7.85%, but the entertainment and shopping consumption ratio was increased, the average overnight visitor stay more than the same period last year increased by 6%.

The essence of

tourism industry is the transfer and expansion of the consumer market, which is based on "tourists". Tourism is the most magical place, its consumption, income, employment should be far more than the equivalent of scenic spots." Provincial Tourism Bureau Director Qin Jingan told reporters, with tourism related industry for more than 110, can be described as a "Xing Wang industry business". Tourism revenue of 1 yuan per share, can drive the relevant industry revenue increased by $4.3. Looking around the world, tourism has more than the oil industry, the automotive industry, the world’s largest industry.

interesting tourism products, not only can start the local visibility, but also to promote industrial upgrading, leading people to get rich. Wujiang Zhenze is a thousand year old town, is also a feature of the town of silk. In recent years, tourism as the main direction, create a set of agricultural tourism, industrial tourism, leisure experience, delicacy is one of the ecological tourism industry chain, to achieve "strong Fumin" in the integration of old and new; Jiangning yellow Danang, more than 60% of households benefit from rural tourism, farmers per capita income from 5000 yuan 3 years ago to 35 thousand yuan last year.

the director of the economic academy of Social Sciences Hu Guoliang opinion, Jiangsu tourism revenue exceeded trillion mark, not only to show that Jiangsu tourism province has taken a solid one step, from another dimension that Jiangsu as the provincial economic strength; outstanding achievement of reform side structure of Jiangsu tourism supply, tourism industry through the embedded Internet platform gratifying scene appears multi format, multi mode and multi content; more that Jiangsu industrial restructuring or recommendation

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