Open jewelry store these business skills you mastered it

if you want to set up shop to do business, Xiao Bian recommend you open a jewelry store, you can not look down on the jewelry, jewelry profits or great. But before you open a shop, do you know the skills and methods of opening the jewelry store? Open jewelry store need to pay attention to what problems? Let’s take a look.

1. good storefront location is near the downtown mall at large, Great trees are good for shade. is this meaning. With the help of powerful large commercial passenger to bring us to the customer, but not as long as it is good in its vicinity. In fact, you want to observe large commercial buildings facing the street intersection, there are generally three types: the first intersection, T-junction, crossroads. The shop location within the same period of time after repeated observation, from which street traffic and Commercial Street, then this is your shop key.

2. set up a store, but also pay attention to some details, through investigation, consultation, verify their progress; we want to rent the store is what current or previous business, why not do it now; the prices of these problems and what changes before.

3. choose a store but also pay attention to consider the adjacent shop management features, for example, if a city has a good position to face the street we asked for, but the street is a restaurant or is this salon, the operating characteristics of a street is not suitable for us to try to avoid.



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