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modern art appreciation for the home, hand-painted wall has become a popular. Love painting Zhou Jia is a 80 girls, by relying on hand-painted walls to achieve successful business. Today, reporters came to her hand-painted studio, listen to her entrepreneurial story.

opened in January did not take a single

however, started the difficult but out of her expectation. In an International Plaza huaqiaoercun community rented studio is not big, the monthly rent of one thousand yuan. At first, there is no visibility, no work, although the promotion and promotion of the network through the first single, but not even a phone call within a month. Zhou Jia had to design hand-painted shoes, bags and other part-time, mr..

opened for half a year, Zhou Jia did not recruit people, busy put friends called on to help. Speaking of small achievements, she said thanks to the insistence of the original, and now the studio has four fixed hand-painted division. From the reception customer consultation, booking, to the door to see the house, set the style, the last photo, set the time, four girls can get.

exquisite "for" and "not


pattern difficult, per square meter charges are different, good week fee is 200-600 yuan per square meter, which is Wuhan’s hand-painted market. Hanzheng Street this year, a large hand-painted project, when several studio competition, because last week to do good quality would not let price lost, she said that she wanted to make quality, we have not.

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