The new breakthrough of Qianjiang lobster in the era of nternet Entrepreneurship

Internet for traditional industries to open a new marketing industry chain, to explore a considerable profit. After 80, 90 generation of young entrepreneurs who grew up in the Internet, they can be more easily achieved in the integration of the two party.

the 80 Liu Mingqiang students learning electronic technology in college, after graduating in 2005 served as workshop director at Haier, 2010 in Jingzhou, a company planning to do. Young people always have an aggressive, dare to spell, the second half of 2011, Liu Mingqiang resigned from the work of security, in Hanyang set up his own company – Wuhan li’tian red Information Technology Co. ltd.. Through the site, selling servers and domain names, the company quickly gained a foothold in Hanyang. Later, the company began to do network promotion, the line of products sold online, Liu Mingqiang found a considerable profit.

have the idea, Liu Mingqiang quickly into action, after full market investigation, confirmed his "Internet plus crayfish" business ideas. In July 24, 2014, he returned home with the money, and the establishment of the Montreal gold Co. Ltd., full-time online sales of shrimp species, shrimp, fresh shrimp, "Braised Prawns" etc.. And through the network and express way of marketing, let customers through online orders, can taste at home by professional chefs cooking delicious crayfish.

"Qianjiang online marketing fresh crayfish is almost a blank. I received the order through the promotion of the site, trucks sent directly, the first year sales of 30 thousand pounds of shrimp and shrimp, Braised Prawns also sold 60 thousand yuan."

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