Xi’an city women’s Federation held the women’s domestic service will promote the work

to improve women’s social status, it is necessary to give women the opportunity to grasp the fate of their own lives, to encourage women to entrepreneurship is one of the important components. Women’s federations due to helping women entrepreneurship, optimize female entrepreneurial environment, to promote the birth of a new heroine.

2015, the Xi’an Municipal Women’s Federation conscientiously implement the Party group work conference, the municipal government attaches great importance, efforts to build domestic brand women. In support of the relevant departments of the municipal, 30  "construction of Xi’an city’s housekeeping service demonstration project included in the 2015 municipal government" ten Huimin practical ", by the end of November, the project has been successfully completed. In December 4th, the Municipal Women’s Federation held the women’s domestic service will promote the work of the 30, named "Xi’an women’s housekeeping service demonstration point" the award, awarded medals and certificates for the advanced group won the "2015 women’s first domestic skills contest" and outstanding individual.

More than 860 people with a population of

to optimize the external soft environment

2014, who spearheaded the city women’s Federation of domestic work in the province, established 5 "Xi’an city women’s housekeeping service demonstration, and achieved good social effects. In 2015, executive meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and municipal government decided, "30  Xi’an city women’s housekeeping service demonstration" construction projects included in the 2015 municipal government "ten Huimin practical", to build women’s domestic service brand, to encourage and promote more women to join in the Home Economics field, to provide convenient and efficient, standardized, high quality housekeeping services for urban and rural residents. < recommended

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