Xiamen to Kunming high speed rail is about to open 13 hours can easily get

with the fast economic development, between the city and the city exchanges have become increasingly close, but in the city on the basis of communication, transportation infrastructure is the bridge, thus improve the basic traffic construction is very important. Expected by the end of this year or early next year, Xiamen residents are expected to take high-speed rail to Kunming. Reporters learned that, with the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail last paragraph – Guiyang north to South Kunming will open operations, Xiamen to has opened the conditions of high-speed rail. In the future, from the north of Xiamen High-Speed Rail ride directly to the south of Kunming, is expected to take about 13 hours.

at present, Xiamen to Kunming, only a general speed train K230, the whole process takes 41 hours and 10 minutes. With the opening of Xiamen to Kunming high-speed rail, Xiamen to the space and time of the will be greatly shortened, shorten the journey at least 28 hours.

Xiamen to Kunming to open high-speed rail, thanks to the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail construction. It is reported that the Shanghai Kunming high-speed Tiedong Shanghai, Yunnan West to Kunming, East high iron skeleton network to the longest mileage, affect the scope of the largest, most provinces through the high-speed rail, it is Hangzhou, Nanchang, via Shanghai, Guiyang, Kunming, Changsha, the design speed of 350 km.

after 6 years of construction, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail Shanghai to Hangzhou section, Nanchang to Changsha section, Nanchang to Hangzhou section, Changsha to the section has been opened to traffic. Guiyang north to Kunming after the opening of the operation, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail will be achieved through the whole line. By then, the public can take the train from XiaMen North Railway Station, the Fuzhou Xiamen railway, high-speed rail weal, via the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, and finally arrived at the KunMing South Railway Station, about the whole 13 hours. The day after the Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed railway construction after Xiamen to Kunming can also be shortened to 1 hours.

so, take the high-speed rail to Kunming cost-effective?

reporter learned that the investigation, the current trip to Kunming, the vast majority of people choose to travel by plane, a small number of people choose to take the general speed train or bus. From Xiamen to Kunming in the off-season about 300 yuan – $500 – time about 3 hours and 15 minutes from Xiamen to the bus fare of about $500, takes a day.

Xiamen to Kunming high-speed rail is about to open 13 hours, you can easily fix the travel needs of the people, you can save a lot of time at the same time, compared with the plane, either in time or fare, does not have the advantage of high-speed rail. However, due to the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail connecting the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, many tourist city, if traveling by high-speed road, this line is also a good choice. High speed rail pricing rules: each line segment fare = value × total mileage. Xiamen north to the north of Guiyang, two seat fare is $733, in this regard, the reporter predicted Xiamen north to Kunming South rail fares will be around $800 (final official announcement).

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