Nanjing will upgrade the financial support for entrepreneurial talent

over the past two years, the official and private investment in organic integration, greatly promoted the development of new entrepreneurial projects, the success rate has been significantly improved. Nanjing to increase financial support for entrepreneurs, outstanding entrepreneurial talent can get more venture capital.

in support of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has invested Zijin branch nearly 400 projects, the investment amount of funding more than 60 million yuan. At present, venture investment is good momentum of development of college students, the logistics O2O platform "policy network" in 2014 won the angel round of investment of listed companies 3 million yuan Chak information, this year was "A round of investment capital source" of $10 million, and is currently the founder Lei Jun millet Shun capital B round of financing negotiations in the scale of $20 million to $30 million.

"the recent introduction of the" Nanjing business "talent plan implementation opinion, can be seen as a new era of financial support for innovative entrepreneurial talent development" upgrade "for all types of entrepreneurial talent to support the project will be more accurate, more targeted." City finance office responsible person, I clear from the recommended

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