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each company is striving to become bigger and stronger, so there have been a chain stores, chain stores where to fall? This is a question that we need to consider.

Analysis of

the enterprise location confusion mainly source location and standard system in the lack of scientific and complete system, how to build a successful site on a secret chain of success. Transnational giants such as WAL-MART, Carrefour, McDonald’s, Kentucky, after decades of development, in the site have formed a set of location system very scientific and rigorous, make a quantitative analysis of the city, building facilities, surrounding environment, traffic, population density, population structure, purchasing power, on the basis of the analysis of business circle and shop location estimates, so the success rate is very high, its experience is worth learning. In Kentucky, for example, currently in the world with Kentucky chain number is about more than 14 thousand, in a short time China opened nearly more than 2 thousand and 100 facade, its location of investment success rate is almost one hundred percent, its success boils down to two aspects:

established scientific location procedures and standards. Usually KFC after entering the city, the first location from the division and district district selection, then calculate and select traffic generation, including the determination of the previous store traffic, finally the information input special computer software, you can complete the shop profit estimates, clear investment amount can not exceed the number here, more than how much of this shop is not open.

Kentucky to family members as the main target consumers, the focus of the promotion is relatively easy to accept foreign culture, the fresh young things, the restaurant location mainly consider the geography, economy, market and the source is consistent with several elements such as positioning, Kentucky according to these factors their own investigation into the different values, and choose to enter the District, only enter and wait until after the mature and stable values. In the selected District, KFC strive to shop in most places and in the vicinity of groupkey. In the selected District, what is the flow of people, people from the metro is the direction and so on. How many people are there in the unit time of the plan. These are sent to the pinch table, to measure, after a complete set of data according to the standard values and competitive conditions: fill in the table, the lease conditions table, table, on-site assessment, and determine the location based on the data of the comprehensive score. Two site selection and approval system of two levels. KFC has the clear principles of site selection and planning, in order to ensure the success rate of location, location process through the two committee, a local company, another is the headquarters, headquarters location master system software and accumulated a lot of data and experience can make accurate location, high efficiency of the decision, the effective protection of the KFC brand and join in business confidence, relative domestic fast-food chain change radically, the location system is one of the magic weapon of success of McDonald’s, KFC and other Western fast food.

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