Xu Chuangao’s scientific management

employees how to manage, how to manage, this is a store for the operation but has a very big relationship. If the scientific management of employees, I believe that the operation of the store will be of great help. My name is Xu Chuangao, is a retail customer from Gaogou town of Lianshui County in Jiangsu Province, my supermarket is located in the crossroads street, is the most bustling commercial street, the operating area of about 300 square meters, employs a total of 16 staff, the implementation of "two" habits. From the supermarket opened, I will take a scientific approach to management, and take some incentive measures, the effect is very good.

scientific management, according to the rules of

whether it is a large supermarket or small shop, the scientific management of the clerk can not only improve the efficiency, but also to regulate the employment, improve the quality of the supermarket, a good image of the tree, bring popularity. Therefore, in the training of the staff, I have been willing to invest, never relax.

first, the clerk before the appointment, I will make them to the local labor service center for a week of pre job training, the training focuses on etiquette and the way of getting along with people and customer service aspects, all expenses during the training period are responsible by me. Take this first training, post induction approach, you can avoid the novice on the road and the emergence of a question three do not know the phenomenon.

in training, I also take the old with the new approach, and is responsible for a roadway with old clerk, let old clerk good mentoring. Every day, the old clerk Bangdai effect were scored by a new clerk; let the old clerk for the new clerk evaluation. Whether it is scoring or evaluation, are directly linked to wages and hook, so that both sides will have a certain role in promoting.

the second is to do system development, announced on the wall, and let the employees learn system and operating procedures, and in service stations, which relates to the process, has a set of system, all things to play. Otherwise, the violation of discipline "of the book, there is a corresponding frame of fortune". In violation of discipline and punishment, I am equally, not their eyes. Once, a clerk to play mobile phone at work, the clerk and I have relatives, when she did not promptly approached the customer reception.

angry customers to the cashier told me that at the end of the day, I put several on duty staff are found together, for her criticism, and in accordance with the provisions of the written review posted on the bulletin board, buckle the performance pay day. I think, whether you are a shop or supermarket, regardless of your personal or collective, whether relatives or strangers, the clerk must do the same, also criticized the same reward, reward, so holding the heart, let us together.

staff training, the establishment of the system is the premise, but it is not enough to do, but also to assess, in addition to their own test >

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