Shenzhen and France Evelyn friendly cooperation

cultural exchanges between China and France, can promote the development of the two economies, while deepening exchanges between the two countries. Recently signed a memorandum of friendly exchanges and cooperation with Shenzhen, France, Evelyn, led the bilateral cooperation in many areas, so that people feel it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

day before, Shenzhen and France Evelyn formally signed a "memorandum of cooperation" and "friendly exchanges between China and France (Shenzhen) joint innovation center cooperation framework agreement", the two sides will focus on the future industrial development, culture and education and innovation of science and technology and other fields to carry out pragmatic cooperation.

Evelyn, French province is located in the economic center in Paris area of two major economic zones, is a large industrial province in the greater Paris area, has a car, aviation and other pillar industries, the capital of Versailles is known to the world of Palace of Versailles is located.

Sino French cooperation in accordance with the relevant agreement, Tianan digital city group and Evelyn will build China Innovation Center in Shenzhen and Paris are sisters in the future industry incubator, innovation and training areas for more exchanges and cooperation, including Shenzhen, Chinese enterprises to open up the European market, and French enterprises especially to provide a full range of support for innovation small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the market China.

, deputy mayor of Shenzhen municipal government Zhang Hu said that Shenzhen is actively integrate into the global innovation network, deploying "ten overseas Innovation Center project, to strengthen the Sino French cooperation in Europe and the United States and other countries gather global innovation resources and regional cooperation, encourage enterprises and research institutions to establish overseas innovation center, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements overseas.

Shenzhen has brought great attention to people, won the people’s recognition, let more people see the Shenzhen city with a new face into a new round of cooperation, and make the corresponding contribution to the economic globalization, is recognized by the people, let the people of the two countries eventually become beneficiaries.

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