Pay attention to small details

is not a simple business to do business, in fact, the success of the business can also depend on a lot of details. In short, in the management of every tiny link can not be ignored, because a very small details if not handled properly, then it will affect the development of the day after. As the saying goes, there is no trivial details, if we notice this, then in the business can be less detours, and then make their own success.

that day, in the supermarket to buy a batch of goods, I was busy and unloading workers, while the lover in the cashier busy. Because she is not in the supermarket, only occasionally I have something or busy time, let her take the management. An aunt bought four or five items, weighing when love is in, said after the calculator press, he seems to do very seriously. After the end, the love of the aunt said a total of 24 yuan.

however, the aunt has an all at sea feel puzzled, then asked: "can you please tell me the number of every kind of money?" The lover seemed to feel a little strange, and reluctantly passed it again. There is nothing wrong with it, but I can see that the aunt is unhappy. This scene happened to be seen by me, I immediately rushed to apologize to the aunt said: "Auntie, I am sorry, I am not familiar with the business, I hope you do not mind ah!" Aunt smiled and left.

sent off the aunt, and I love to talk about it. Love at first in the analysis I not take it seriously, again and again, she realized the seriousness of the situation. From then on, every time when weighing, lover will report to the customer. Even if the customer does not listen, but will also be notified. Every time the customer left, I will find their hearts filled with joy in the face.

after the supermarket closed, I often bring the child to a bakery nearby, every time I go to the shop owner will smile and I spoke, and will tease my son. Every time the atmosphere is very harmonious, left, the son will say to me that aunt is good.

once, I said to my son, let’s go to another house to buy bread, anyway, bread is the same, but after a time, the son said to me, will not go to his home. I wonder why? The son said, the aunt also don’t talk with me, or the former aunt good. In this way, we began to go to the bakery to buy bread.

this thing gave me a deep feeling, just because the boss loves to tease the child, the child likes to buy things. And for the owner of our regular supermarket, it is not so? Although this is only a small part, but if not handled properly, then it will lose some customers, thereby affecting their income. So whenever a customer brings a child

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