Peking University Tsinghua entrepreneurs than in 2014 increased

students are about to complete the transition from student to social identity, we must think about the future. Most college students may choose to study or apply for a job. In Tsinghua University, Peking University School tyrants will choose what kind of way out?

the beginning of the year, universities have announced in accordance with the provisions of the quality of graduate employment report for the year 2015. In the top of the University of Tsinghua, Peking and Fudan, nature of much attention. These elite schools to learn tyrants who do after graduation?

Qing Bei

The fluctuation of

did not continue to study Curve Wrecker to the employment market. Fudan University Graduates nearly two years of job satisfaction steadily. In the 2015 graduates, nearly five pairs of employment units said very satisfied, and less than four to become more satisfied". With only 30% of the graduates in the selection of more than 2014 very satisfied, more than half of the more satisfied, compared to enhance satisfaction.

Job satisfaction


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