Jiangsu City Alipay bill payment into 100 thousand yuan per capita


as a convenient transaction and payment platform, we highly welcome in life, the perfect service can let us spend exactly a year! 4, the ant’s payment service Alipay released the 2016 Chinese referendum bill. Last year, 450 million new users use alipay. Jiangsu to pay the total amount of third in the country, the national average per capita payment of fifth, the per capita shopping amount of the country’s total of fourth. Since January 5th, the user can view open Alipay personal annual statement.

from 2011 onwards, Alipay released a year nationwide annual statement. The compose by the hundreds of millions of people’s bills, reflects the changes of economic Chinese, attracted widespread attention. Bill shows that the current proportion of the total number of mobile payment pen up to 71%, while last year was $65%, Jiangsu is 71.61%.

from the provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) to pay the total amount of the year, Guangdong ranked first, accounting for 16% of the country, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu. In the amount of per capita payment, Jiangsu ranked fifth, to 103 thousand and 800, and ranked Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian hand in hand into the $100 thousand era, and only last year, Shanghai reached this level.

analysis of the bill can be found, Alipay is no longer just a capital account, as well as credit accounts, accounts, accounts and other carbon love. Many users feel the credit value in the mobile Internet plus consumer credit ", the current through chanting the cumulative service users more than 12 million people, more than 300 billion yuan loan.

2016 by chanting "have also borrowed" on the list, on time repayment rate of Jiangsu ranks third in the country. Last August, Alipay APP launched the "carbon" accounts, users can see their behavior to reduce carbon emissions, reduce carbon emissions to a certain value when you can cooperate with public partners really planted a sapling. At present, Alipay’s "carbon account" every day to reduce the carbon emissions of 1000 tons, has a cooperative public welfare organization 520 thousand trees.

According to Alipay

statistics, last year Chinese outbound tourism grew 160%, the family is becoming more and more common. Favorite shopping spree were: South Korea, Hongkong, Thailand, Macao China Chinese Chinese, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, germany. In 2016, Alipay cross-border scan code to pay the highest single consumption of more than 260 thousand yuan.

in the pursuit of quality of life at the same time, people are increasingly seeking efficiency. Alipay Universal Bill shows that in 2016 the country has 357 city of more than 1 billion people use the "city public service" on the fingertips, a year-on-year increase of 218%, including the payment of hydropower gas costs, traffic violation fines to pay to buy subway tickets, bus tickets, online for Hong Kong Macao passport renewal, recommended appointment

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