All kinds of dumplings

winter, cold winter to think of one family sitting together to eat dumplings on the screen, I feel warm winter, people often eat dumplings is one of the habits, all kinds of dumplings to take turns playing. So what kind of dumplings are suitable for winter?

1. carrot stuffing dumplings

will cut the carrot Ding, boiled water, with some onions, ginger, salt, sesame oil filling. Carrot is also called "small ginseng", is rich in carotene, rich nutrition, with food, chemical product, Tongfu effect, modulation into the stuffing not greasy, easily absorbed, suitable for the elderly to eat.

2. shrimp stuffing

shrimp, ham, fresh vegetables at the end with some modulation into the stuffing, Chinese medicine believes that the role of shrimp with kidney impotence, pass under the milk, which is rich in protein and trace elements, unsaturated fatty acid, easy to digest, is conducive to the promotion of child growth and development. Suitable for children and older age, dyslipidemia crowd.

3. mutton cabbage stuffing

will be out of juice chopped cabbage, vegetable juice and seasonings add chopped mutton, then pour in the meat and mix thoroughly cabbage.

mutton belongs to Yang, cold winter food, helps to enhance the body’s ability to keep out the cold, cabbage belongs to seasonal vegetables, rich in dietary fiber. This filling is suitable for people with Yang deficiency, Yin people, poor gastrointestinal function should not eat.

4. pork radish filling

pork and radish by 1: 1 or 1: 0.5 ratio modulation, the pork is rich in vitamin B1, with nourishing Yin, Qi tonic effect, effect of white radish with chest and gas, scattered cold, suitable for manual workers to eat.

5. lotus stuffing

Liancai after dicing boiled water, add seasoning. Can also be appropriate to put some eggs or meat. The filling of crisp taste, with nourishing Yin, yin deficiency for consumption.

6. beef celery filling

beef with celery beef according to the proportion of modulation, belong to the food, containing high quality protein, strong bones, Qi blood effect, celery is rich in dietary fiber, has an antihypertensive effect. This filling is suitable for high blood pressure crowd.

7. leek egg filling

egg fried eggs or fried minced skin, add leeks, seasoning after modulation.

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