Shop operators in the off season market should be emphasized

a shop in the off-season and the season will have a great deal of difference, only to find a suitable market for business, will make the business has a very good development. In fact, the off-season market sales is difficult to know the truth. In our daily business process, many commodities are affected by season, style, shelf life, as these factors change, often selling or slow-moving situation. Especially in some off-season sales, this category of seasonal goods, the performance is particularly evident.

in an interview with the new supermarket, supermarket boss Xie told reporters. After the season, the general market will have a short or long run in period, because the season after consumer psychology and the atmosphere and the season has been very different, consumer psychology and the level will be greatly affected. At this time, as our retail customers, should be timely to come up with some more suitable for the market of goods, that is, in the off-season sales of goods can be sold. This is our business to say "off-season peatlands", and in this period of time, do not be put as the main selling goods, those unsalable goods that your business may be one disaster after another.

then, he gave reporters cited an example that a general holiday period, sales of tobacco companies control are very nervous, only in the off-season when the appropriate amount of amplification, and during this time, we can not only carried out a large number of marketable supply reserves, can also borrow their practices in market demand a large quantity of goods on the market, increase the rate of this kind of goods.

has a number of retail customers in the season after, are seasonal goods discount some holiday, I think this is an unwise, Guilin supermarket owner Chen Guilin told reporters, such as selling mooncakes during the Mid Autumn Festival, the mid autumn festival but this commodity "xiangbobo", and one to the mid autumn festival but became the sales a No one shows any interest in the. Since we can not discount processing, then our retail customers how to do? The first is to sign the agreement and return the supplier, the operating risk to suppliers; secondly, to do less frequently, not a backlog of inventory, especially during the holiday season, but can not buy a lot, to digest inventory is appropriate.

boss Chen also told reporters, many of our retail customers will put some unsalable goods to hang "sale" signs of "blood", this practice is not desirable, once the market, you can restore the original price, consumers will have a feeling cheated. In this way, it may give you a vicious circle, is not conducive to the effective operation of the off-season market.

a shop there will be a real off-season market, often did not find the characteristics of the off-season market, did not dig out the real needs of the public products. So, the off-season market, or to some of the best-selling goods mainly marketable. In order to promote the sale of the goods in this category of goods, in order to the off-season market

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