90 girls entrepreneurship millionaire

everyone can create a miracle, everyone can write their own story, the following Xiaobian for everyone to bring the story of the star, take her legendary life! A 90 girls, self-employed millionaire legend!

22 year old Guo Xingqi ear hair, conversation with timid and shy. It was her idea that she had the company. According to Guo Xing introduction, she attended the Sichuan province police school in Deyang, failed to become a police officer after graduation.

6 month, she found a job in Chengdu leaflets. During the period, Guo star found that a lot of people in order to complete the leaflets as soon as possible, will be issued to a few leaflets of the same person, hair leaflets will be thrown into the trash can. "How to make an advertisement is more than reading?" Guo Xing thought of the express orders, and now online shopping so many people, if the ads printed on a single courier, at least to ensure that the members and recipients can read.

now appeared an older face of this young team, he is 33 year old Shen Da, an investor. "I’m going to put 10 million into the project." Shen Da said that in July this year, 1 million yuan in advance investment has been in place, and provides a BMW car for the company to use.


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