Bitter B for so many years finally know why did not succeed

tortoise is running on the ground but the rabbit, but the tortoise in the water than the rabbit swim faster than ever.

— don’t put oneself in a wrong position.

— not every kind of bird called the eagle, you can recognize their own live.

— never than the wrong object, or you will die very miserable.

— don’t laugh at others’ appearance, or maybe someday you will become a joke.


— eat grass Waterloo think about consequences, if you think you have to eat to eat, can not afford to eat do not eat.

forest held a beauty contest, the peacock first reported the name feel they can certainly win the championship, even did not have a preliminary results. The peacock was very angry. He went to the judge. The goat said: "although the beautiful peacock peacock you, but bare ass!" the peacock was left embarrassed.

— when you look in the mirror, do not look at the front, but also look behind.

is very hot in summer, the go to the river water, just to see the hippo playing in the river, zebra thought it can play Oh why can’t I play. Zebra will jump to play, not a crocodile killed it.

— not that strength is not to play, because you can’t afford to lose  .


— did not fully prepared, don’t try to rush to the unknown.

— and powerful competitors must want to exit.

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