What are the factors to evaluate the effect of micro store promotion

is not just a business, even if our daily lives, if you want to be more secure, or want to make their lives better, in fact, need to pay attention to the surrounding situation. A person driving on a strange road, if you do not pay attention to observe the road around the situation, it is not easy to throw a lane, or a crash? Similarly, in the process of micro shop promotion, if you do not pay attention to observe a variety of conditions, at any time may take detours.

is to maximize the "promotion" of the car smoothly moving in the right direction, need regular and timely assessment of the promotion activities. The so-called regular, can be a week, can also be a month; the so-called timely, refers to an activity after the end of a review. The former is routine and the latter is based on the actual situation.

micro shop promotion effect evaluation is an abstract concept, there is no uniform standard. In general, the evaluation of the effect of micro store promotion contains the following four elements. Four elements of the data, can be directly reflected in the micro store sales and market share to enhance the situation, and then reflect the effect of micro shop promotion activities.

1. shop click rate

you this time to promote the work, there is no increase in micro shop click rate? How big is the upgrade?

hits the amount, largely determines the quality of business. 100 click rate and the 120 click rate may not be much difference, but the difference between the 100 hits and the 1000 hits, it is obvious.

One day

increased a little, for a long time, naturally there will be change, until the qualitative change. Of course, there is a problem with the conversion rate between the click through rate and the sales volume, which we will talk about later.

query micro shop click rate is very simple, in the sales management, the number of visitors per day and the number of visitors per day, automatically save a month. By comparing the click through rate, you can analyze a lot of problems.

for example, this promotion period, had no change in the promotion platform and frequency, the click rate of digital sudden stagnation or decline, then the problem is most likely in the copy, promotional copy no temptation to attract people.

, for example, this time to replace the promotion platform, the main position from micro-blog to QQ group, found that the click rate has increased significantly, indicating that you are likely to be more suitable for the micro shop QQ group promotion.

if you continue to in-depth comparative analysis, you can also find that: even in the same platform, the promotion effect is also very different. For example, the sale of financial books

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