When to see the Yellow collar improper oxherd Zhaobiao entrepreneurial experience

oxherd white-collar, which one will you choose? I believe that most people will choose to do white-collar workers, but one is out of the ordinary university graduates have a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, the initiative to give up work on the cattle to the road of entrepreneurship, today we have to look at his entrepreneurial experience.

"back to the countryside when giving up a good salary for oxherd"

25 14 am, the reporter came to a target of the farm, he was with his father to herd cattle to graze. "I had no smell of cow dung?" Wearing a straw hat, dark skin marking said with a smile, he every morning 8 points to 12 points, 3 pm to 5 points to drive the cattle out to pasture.

"part of the local farmers have the habit of cattle, but most of them are scattered feeding, breeding scale is small, a few head raised up." A standard said that he found the reputation of small cattle in Chengmai better, but the lack of larger beef cattle breeding base. "In the beginning, from the city to the white-collar workers a day dealing with cow dung ‘oxherd’, my heart will inevitably be some gap." Memories of the hardships of the beginning of the business, a standard said, I was very tired at the beginning, had wanted to give up, and finally with the help of his father and relatives and friends to come down."

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