Let the flower base string of roadside snack became so beautiful

library is a name string of flowers, in the sea of flowers eating spicy string, this kind of experience do you have? Do not want to have not thought. Xiaobian to tell you that there is such a shop will be two pieces of apple and orange things wonderful together, let eat string is no longer the privilege of roadside stalls.

in the Department of brigade 50 meters west opened a new "Chengdu flower library string", the door design is very novel, never let you eyes bright, yellow, blue, white, red, four kinds of color collocation is very eye-catching, flowers wrapped around it, is also a parasol also, do not know who the designer is so harmonious, beautiful, first from the outside to conquer my


flower library

into the store, ooh! Inside the decoration more fan art! Table, chair, wall and top with different colors, the walls hung on the opera actress, really beautiful! I know! Clusters of flowers, beautiful furniture, exquisite artistes, and colors, color collocation of the complete control this is perhaps the meaning of flower library


sat down, what to eat? Did not react, at this time, the waiter came to the table, put a pot of water, open the cooker to boil water, the tableware apart into hot water scald disinfection, this also not seen such disinfection, really let people eat at ease


first pot, a red soup and Yuanyang pot, taking into account the friend’s habits, or point Yuanyang pot


dishes to spray air conditioning, placed in front of the regular dishes look!

has a fresh taste of beef, beef coriander, wild pepper beef, Sauteed Beef with Chili Sauce, black pepper beef, duck tongue, duck, fish, shrimp, small intestine smooth, okra, mushroom, Oily Bean Curd, lettuce and so on, anyway, dishes cabinet put full, hand is and how to choose a star! The string in so many dishes in


coriander beef should be the first choice, so fresh beef can not help but take a;

small intestine in Jiyuan hot pot shops are rare, in the soft small bench to eat, taste good, this can not be less;

appears to be very slippery shrimp material hard, fresh Q, worth a try;

and fresh duck with a toothpick separated into the pot, minutes, the entrance of


the bottom of the pot is also spicy taste we can accept should, but still in the red soup boiled string eat quickly, these are the contents of strings.

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