Poor classic entrepreneurial projects recommended

can the poor succeed in starting a business? What are the projects for the poor? The poor, as the name implies, is not strong investment. Therefore, the poor should choose some small investment, big profit good projects. The following will introduce some good projects with low input.

Cream Strawberry planting

a strawberry growing to a maximum of 80 grams, the price reached 3 yuan, equivalent to 500 grams of egg price. Recently, in Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province town of the three kings strawberry planting base, the reporter saw this breed called strawberry cream.

Chi Jianping planting a total of 8 greenhouses about five or six acres of strawberries and cream, can always pick up every year in May, estimated the per mu yield reached more than 1 thousand kg, with an average price of 15 yuan per kilogram, mu income can reach 15 thousand yuan, is about three times the ordinary strawberry planting.

caoguo planting

caoguo in evergreen broad-leaved forest is an important economic crop, ginger (Jiang Ke), is a perennial herbaceous perennial plant. Caoguo is spice and is commonly used in medicine, dampness and phlegm heat with antimalaria function. Caoguo planting to benefit a wide area, long time, saving time and labor, and high economic value. At the same time, the development of grass industry, can not only make full use of resources, increase the income of farmers, but also can protect the evergreen broad-leaved forest, water conservation, soil and water conservation, to create a good environment for agricultural production. Gongshan caoguo spice content reached 0.83, is two times more than ordinary caoguo spice content.

caoguo not only the price is high, and the large market demand and good prospects. The Yunnan Pula Di Xiang Village is a typical benefit from the administrative village of caoguo. The village of 6 villagers group, 214 households in every family, at least a caoguo planting, also have 4 to 5 acres, 80 acres planted more than 6 households. In 2009, the per capita income of 2042 yuan. Income of more than 6000 yuan per mu.

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