Entrepreneurship to develop good habits

no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, no matter what, to develop good habits, we do have a lot of great help, whether it is business or other, to develop good habits, help us effort to help us better and faster success!

in professional reading, reading a good book, reliable to many a pile of books than reading times. The same is the "marketing management", I have seen a look again dropped, anyway, people mention, also can say "I have seen"; I have seen people again and again to see, more than ten years of marketing career still see. The latter achievement is undoubtedly much greater. This book is called "professional" of the Bible, is we often new. Have you ever seen a Christian who read the Bible and threw it away?

save the time of others is a virtue

if the list the most welcome by the owner of the workplace habits, "help me save time" at the top. For high positions, extremely busy boss, the first quality of subordinate, is to be able to help them save time.

once, docking customers let me change a script, I asked the standing beside him: "how much is the producer of the phone?" He opened the phone to help me find, with a very restrained tone, said: "you do not address book?" At that time, I was very embarrassed, I have the address book, of course, just too lazy to open a few folders to find out. I took a shortcut, but took his time.

sometimes see some very complicated work report, I have a special party. Every job we hand in, like your resume, will let others judge you. Not only the simple work report, let the higher category you into "wasting my time", never entered the "first" list.

calculation work "the input-output ratio of

During the period of new recruits

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