Shanda online acquisition of PHPCMS began layout small sites

July 22nd news, Shanda Shanda online announced, has been with the cool 6 nets it’s PHPCMS business overall transfer agreement, the transfer is in progress. This also means that the grand start in the strategic layout of the industry owners.

It is reported that the transfer of

, PHPCMS and PHPCMS all business team members will be incorporated in the grand grand online, and set up R & D center in Beijing, moved to the grand Beijing R & D center office, still engaged in PHPCMS related research and development, distribution, maintenance version.

insiders said that the grand online merger and acquisition of PHPCMS began in May 2010, and then started the relevant handover work. And in May 2008, PHPCMS was cool 6 network acquisition. Cool 6 network last year reached a grand merger with Shanda’s China Friends of the century.

is the exact message that big second Internet giants layout of business owners, the Alibaba had acquired phpwind software website, recently came news Tencent merger talks with another open source software to build Kang sheng.

PHPCMS is an open source web content management system, the service station for the demands of users, PHPCMS is the main face of large and medium-sized website, modular development, support for custom content model and membership model, a special video search, yellow pages, order, ask the more than and 20 function modules.

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