From the end of transnational network marketing case investigation of listed mainland people lie bot

"if you miss Google, Amazon and other IT member companies participating opportunity, will miss another big diamond opportunity?" "you could never achieve the dream in the world, creating thousands of billionaires!" a provocative advertisement, let investors heartache.

Interush (Chinese translation of "news network"), which is headquartered in the United States of the network, the development of "cloud computing" boo head, with a huge returns as bait, founding wantonly recruitment of union members, are suspected of cross-border network marketing activities in China.

Since the

at the beginning of this year, Guangzhou, Maoming, Dongguan, Zhongshan, there are many readers to the Nanfang Daily News Network to reflect suspected MLM activities in the local advertising, its membership recruitment in the country and stately Post Bar forum.

Nanfang Daily reporters after six months of undercover investigation, found that there are many doubts to carry out the operation of network news, they use the "quick money" mentality, not only to receive a monthly membership fee, but also rely on the members continue to carry out "offline", then crazy suction gold.

according to the network is responsible for the business of Dongguan Lu Wei introduction, the news network in mainland China has developed very rapidly, there have been tens of thousands of members to join. In order to facilitate the recruitment of members in Guangdong, the company also set up a studio in Dongguan. According to media reports, in Nanning, Zhengzhou, Inner Mongolia and other places, the police have identified the Internet as a network of cross-border Internet marketing case, and investigate and deal with this.

– the Nanfang Daily reporter Intern Yang Dazheng Luo Xiaoling Lin Qinyi Zhang Yuntao pan Si

Guangzhou, Hongkong reported

member trap

if your team development is big enough, you can become my on-line, to strive to achieve platinum, so that a year to earn tens of millions of dollars is not a dream

August 17th, Guangzhou park subway station.

the Nanfang Daily reporter to cover the identity of college students with network news Dongguan area business leader Lu Wei and Yan Li said, through the network to understand, the news network is very interested in the project, the intention to join.

$48 billion market capitalization of economic strength, the leader of the United States IT technology, California, Irvine, North America’s upscale office, Forbes praised foreign boss helm……" Lu Wei opened the computer, brings a "money" way, as if it were raining flowers opening remarks to reporters, and spent nearly an hour to share the news network founding member of the union of business opportunities.

then, he will naturally transition to the conditions for membership on the topic.

"because the policy does not allow, the branch has not established in the mainland, but it doesn’t matter. I hold a permit and ID card, Hongkong branch to handle the registration formalities, you can join the first account fee of HK $390 per month to 2400 Hong Kong dollars online payment."


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