Chinese nternet fraud report false accounts for more than half of 90 part time cheated

with the end of the college entrance examination, the school is also about to enter the summer. During the holidays, some students will consider taking part-time jobs, rich social experience. Recently, the Beijing network security anti fraud alliance released the "2014 China Internet fraud report", the report shows that because of the false part-time cheated the victim, 90 accounted for 54.2%. Newspaper reporter through the collection of typical cases and analysis of the 90 groups to make tips.

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want to do shop agent cheated join fee

at the beginning of January 2015, Liu in the Internet to see a company can provide Taobao shop agent, the sales agent all kinds of goods provided by the company on Taobao.

contact with each other after QQ, the other told Liu, the company in accordance with a very low price to provide thousands of commodities on the market selling to Liu, type and price of goods sold can be determined by Liu himself, beyond all the profits of supply price are owned by Liu and all, goods supply, delivery of goods customer service and service by the company.

not only that, the company also provides the company’s registration code Liu, Liu told reporters in Henan industry and Commerce Bureau official website confirmed. If Liu is willing to do this job, the company will sign a formal contract with liu. Liu according to the registration code provided by the other party, the official website of the Henan trade and Industry Bureau in the company.

Liu would like to join each other, send an electronic version of the contract with QQ, and asked Liu will contract color play out, then complete the photos sent to each other, so even completed the signing of the contract.

Liu do, the other provides a Alipay account. Liu paid 780 yuan after joining the fee can not contact each other.

analysis of the name of the enterprise to take the formal

according to the Beijing network security anti fraud alliance, the anti fraud expert hunting platform network, which is carefully designed criminals network scam. Not only the company information can be found in Industrial and Commercial Bureau website, while also providing covered official contract work itself is very tempting.

expert said, in fact, Liu found in the trade and Industry Bureau website is the real company. A liar is only on the Internet looking for a home network services company, to send information to Liu, to play the role of cheat. Liu saw the contract is actually a fake contract made by a simple PS technology.

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transactions on behalf of the brush "consumption"

really change

after the college entrance examination, let students always want to use their spare time to earn pocket money. She in the QQ group in the search for part-time information, find a proxy for online trading volume on behalf of the brush.

introduction of the agency, the small on the site to buy a face value of 100 yuan each, priced at $110 phone recharge card, you can get $5 commission. The more you buy, the

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