The popularity of network video users wrist Bo highbrow advertising strategy

cut 300 million yuan advertising industry no follow up

to rely on advertising revenue for the fundamental survival of the video industry, what it means to cut advertising? Not long ago, the popular network CEO Luojiang Chun announced that the company after the video playback before the advertisement patch is only 15 seconds, and only one. But this way the self destruct strategy launched two months, not a peer follow ad revenue or the user experience, it is still a difficult proposition of the video site.

advertising strategy highbrow

How much is the economic cost of

15 seconds strategy in micro-blog? Luo Jiangchun said: "I decided to put before the popular advertising is reduced to 15 seconds, so popular about a loss of $300 million in revenue each year, but for the user, the value of


300 million yuan of income, for Youku is a close quarter revenue figures, if only to the user, so Luo Jiangchun’s "heroism" would be "foolish" something.

according to the Luo Jiangchun formulation, the video site pattern can be divided into three types: one is the mode of Youku and Tudou heating; the Sohu, Qiyi, Tencent has a strong background of the Internet gangster "two rich generation"; the third is the popular network and SMG network integration mode. From the perspective of capital accumulation, the popular network does not have a significant advantage. But the popularity of their own advertising revenue cut.

Luo Jiangchun original idea is to respect the user experience as a fundamental strategy to promote the 15 seconds to become the industry’s new advertising standards. But now, this formulation is too. But he believes that the interests of users seem to "retreat", long-term is pragmatic. Now more and more video ad placement time of 45 seconds long, three segment advertising is the default row, 60 seconds or 90 seconds of video is lack of their number, Luo Jiangchun himself had a headache: "I would like to watch the game video highlights, each two or three minutes to look at 45 seconds of advertising, change is who look angry."

Free strategy of

industry will be the 15 second strategy and antivirus software Lenovo, also not a positive response and peer recognition, is also a fantastic people do not make money trading, but 360 security guards were successful, "who owns the user who has the value". This is now the first principle of the development of the Internet market.

profit model to be clarified

is even more critical, 15 seconds of advertising is not a dead end.

Luo Jiangchun said: from the point of view of advertising acceptance, the only 15 seconds of advertising and advertising mixed with the second 15 seconds, compared to the former, the user’s acceptance level to improve a full 17 times." The 15 second strategy is just to help customers improve advertising effectiveness. The only 15 seconds of advertising and the advertising of the second mixed with the second 15 seconds, the user of the former advertising the correct memory than the latter increased by 58%, ad clicks also increased by a factor of 44%".

as advertisers, Andreas chief.

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