Due to the low threshold of group purchase website ushered in the first round of dragons and fishes

5 consecutive months of geometric growth trend of the first round of the Group buy site reshuffle. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, in the Sohu launched the website "love home group" test group purchase field, handles network access to tens of millions of dollars in financing industry influence, a large number of small group purchase website due to low profit margins, lack of resources and other businesses close to protect themselves. Relevant statistics show that the current domestic buy site more than 400, while the industry accounted for the top 10 of the market share of the top 80%.

reporter was informed yesterday, Sohu launched this week, love home group website, buy the business model to test the water, behind the strong network of resources to buy a lot of site pressure. But a few days ago, the same as the group purchase website lashou has announced $10 million financing, and opened 100 domestic group purchase station City, in addition to the acquisition of Xi’an known as a "group of LEGO" group purchase website.

venture capital concern, the portal to join, to buy the site of the booming industry added a firewood. However, in the individual group purchase website operation fast when many small sites are facing the closure of the fate of group purchase.

group purchase navigation station "57 groups" founder Yong said the house, currently has more than 30% of the group purchase site cannot launch a daily new goods, some websites or even a month without a new product line. In addition, according to the statistics of 10 enterprises Yong palace, the group purchase site before, to the market accounted for 80% of sales, not sales, some small group purchase websites in a week on-line has closed the station.

removal is staking large buy site, a number of small and medium group buying site is also caught in a scam scandal. It is understood that after a company called 1288 buy network site due to the payment is not shipped, resulting in the payment of consumers in the site report, Beijing police have been involved in the investigation.

an industry believes that the domestic buy site reshuffle inevitable. He said that since the establishment of the website group purchase threshold is very low, construction costs only 20 thousand yuan, the website interface is simple, resulting in uneven in quality industry. The ability of operation of a few small group buys a website line is low, can not achieve consumer demand, also become the important reason that these group buys a website to close a station.

lack of core competitiveness, is the root cause of some buy site off the station." Send in the view of Analysys International analyst Chen Shou, some group purchase website at the beginning of the site, only to see the rapid development of the group purchase website model, and soon attracted the attention of investors, but these blind set up small group purchase site without adequate business resources, can not provide the "daily mission" to improve the group purchase service for consumers, this is the reason of all closed the station. Send in the view of Chen Shou, blind set up in time to group purchase websites only "one step ahead", attracted the attention of investors in the early development of the industry, with the introduction of risk investment to maintain website development, but from the current situation, most investors wait-and-see attitude for the group purchase mode, only a handful of network group purchase financing, and those who do not have access to investment website >

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