The introduction of the new network of new regulations out of the domain of the transfer of the doma

The interconnection of mobile Internet service providers Beijing

well-known launched a new domain name transfer provisions in this week, the requirements from Xinwanghulian domain (only.Com,.Net domain) must be stamped with the official seal of the agents to be transferred.

Xinwanghulian requirements from the transfer of the domain name domain name from the domain name registration / renewal date more than 60 days for the seal (signature), copy of business license (photocopy of ID card) and registered the domain name owner (WHOIS in the record date) is inconsistent, unclear, or is not provided, and stamped with the seal domain agent shall not be transferred.


application form is as follows:

domain name:

new network current member or agent ID:

domain name owner (unit name or individual):

handler Name:

manager Tel:

manager email:

DNS information in the current Whois library


auxiliary control:

domain name current expiration date:

new service provider name:

out of the new network interconnection reasons: (users fill out)

(we attach great importance to your valuable advice)


domain, the high price of website           – function; – poor service      

. The server is not stable

other reasons: __________________

manager signature:

stamped domain name owner’s official seal

(personal signature):

stamped with official seal

(personal signature):

application date:

according to the owners of the house to understand, in this Monday there are procedures in accordance with the procedures for the transfer of the domain name.

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