Whether YAHOO sold or not Meijer is the biggest winner

Beijing time on March 29th morning news, the recent rumors that YAHOO sold rampant. If YAHOO really sold, the company CEO Marisa · (Marissa Mayer) may be fired, and may therefore get $37 million compensation.

this will trigger Meijer to implement all stock awards. And if it is in any other case, Meijer need to work full time in YAHOO to realize these stocks.

she will receive 3 years of salary ($3 million), about $9 million 500 thousand in 2016 to implement the stock awards, as well as $24 million 500 thousand should be implemented in the future stock awards.

but Meijer may also have been fired before the sale of YAHOO, that would greatly influence her interests, only about $12 million 500 thousand in compensation, including stock awards $1 million salary, a $2 million cash prize and $9 million 500 thousand for implementation in 2016.

but no matter what kind of program, her golden parachute value will be much lower than a year ago.

YAHOO shares fell 23% over the past 12 months. When joining YAHOO in July 2012, Meijer has won a huge share of the award, as a signing bonus. Most of them have entered Meijer’s account.

if YAHOO sold a year ago, she will receive $110 million compensation. And if YAHOO does not sell, but directly fired her, Meijer will receive $26 million compensation.

although YAHOO said it is actively seeking to sell, but still in the fight between the two. Activist investor Starboard Value last week called for the dismissal of all 9 directors, including Meijer, including YAHOO.

this may not affect Meijer’s CEO position, but Starboard also expressed strong dissatisfaction with the revitalization plan for the Meijer.

Meijer’s high salary also led to shareholder dissatisfaction. Although the company because of bad performance to get $13 million in cash and stock, the total compensation in 2014 she is still as high as $42 million,. Meijer’s total compensation for 2015 will be disclosed next month.

according to CNBC reports, YAHOO is negotiating with the anonymous sale of the transaction. There are rumors that Verizon and Private Equity Investment Firm TPG Capital has expressed interest in acquisitions.

also reported that the media, although Microsoft has no intention of the overall acquisition of YAHOO, but it is possible to participate in the potential transaction, hoping to save its lucrative search and advertising deals with YAHOO signed.

YAHOO spokesman declined to comment on the resignation of Meijer.

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