Phpcms was formally acquired by Ku6 network


according to "explicit provisions about the 2008 holidays, national holidays and festivals", research by the company, the 2008 five · a "International Labor Day holiday arrangements are as follows:

article source link: Id=74#74

personal comment:

                            phpcms personally think the whole is very good, the biggest problem is the template problem; but, after the acquisition in this regard should great progress.   in fact the original team is also very good, want to do the best phpcms party, but is willing to do it. This acquisition, Li Shanyou will be fully responsible for the work of phpcms, which indicates that the domestic CMS market will have a reshuffle. Phpcms will also rely on after the integration of the release of version 2008, the rapid development of inflation, especially if the same development easy this year. Wish phpcms better and better!

some people may say that I care; with him, the reason is very simple, because I was with phpcms, ready to want to use, so I hope she gets better, she is like my bride, I rely on the rest of my life. Haha

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