Network advertising blowing flow increment assembly number

Feng Xiaogang’s "assembly" was finally sounded, millet finally relieved commander. However, the flow reaches a certain stage, there are many weak growth of the majority of difficult to expand the site owners, but is looking forward to someone can blow up the value of network traffic aggregation. Fortunately, the Internet advertising market is fast, the people look forward to the 2008 ushered in the golden age.

industry chain are eager to flow value-added

"how can I try to avoid another waste of advertising? How to spend on each network access traffic on the cost of advertising to generate higher advertising value?" advertisers often kept thinking about such a problem. "How can I get the same amount of traffic in the network to bring higher business returns," the site owner is thinking about such a problem?.

"that is to say, the site owners and advertisers are concerned about the flow of value-added issues." CCMedia group CEO Mr. Zhan Zhongping explained: "although the site owners and advertisers have different ways to think about the problem, but they have a lot in common in this issue. As long as the effect of a web site advertising, advertisers do not care about the cost of the site than the people who do not have the effect of advertising is a large site."

"not long ago, the general manager of a Four A company in China told me about her experience. She has been to Singapore club, the club gave everyone a bracelet, the bracelet will record what time will you come, what a day to drink, what point to a nightclub, buy what. And then be able to know that they are in a special event, the invitation to you. In real life, such examples abound. The same concept, we can move it to the network. If I was able to understand what the user was looking at before he came to the site, what he was interested in, and what he was most interested in. I can give him the advertising information." Zhan Zhongping talked about this matter, is still in the best of spirits. Obviously, this line of precision advertising has been possible to move on the Internet, which is exactly what CCMedia group is trying to push.

precision in order to achieve traffic value-added

traffic value-added, the first requirement is to ask the site owner and advertisers to be able to face the traffic has a profound and comprehensive understanding of the precise. We spend 8 years of research and development of a precise digital media services, can be based on the needs of advertisers in a timely, accurate and efficient advertising services." Zhan Zhongping confidently said: "behavioral advertising CCMeida launched the service delivery (Behavior Targeting Service, referred to as BT), through the test to explore the potential demand for advertising on the group, then to the final directional precision advertising. At the same time to visit the same site, different visitors, playing out of the ads are completely different. Pop up when you visit

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