12360 customs App will soon be on the line and 12306 silly not clear

December 9th news, today 12360 customs official micro-blog said that the upcoming 12360 customs APP line. Before the South micro-blog said, APP will provide 12360 customs, taxi car, express business, micro-blog will forward 12360 customs, and certainly will indeed have 12360 clients, and on line recently, but denied the taxi business. According to micro-blog news, the APP name is likely to be called "12360 customs".


12360 customs APP what time shelves temporarily unclear, I believe that after the shelves will be convenient for many small partners. However, due to the naming of the next 12306 and the railway is too similar, small partners in the future can be well identified.


12360 is a unified national customs system public service number is submitted by citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the business consulting, customs clearance, complaints, suggestions and help matters such as integrated service platform.

"12306" Chinese railway customer service center is an important window of the railway customer service, the integration of railway passenger and freight transport information, providing passenger and cargo transport business and public information inquiry service for the society and the railway customer.

"12315" consumer complaints hotline, is the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in support of former State Ministry of information industry, decided to set up in the country’s special consumer complaints report special telephone number.

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