Baidu low key test product search only accept the invitation site data

Baidu product search page screenshot

July 23rd news, according to users reflect Baidu is a low-key test commodity search, Internet users and e-commerce platform and the distance between the goods closer. At present, the service accepts only the data of the invited site.

according to users reflect Baidu recently launched commodity search ( services. According to TechWeb after landing the site found that there are 17 sites to join the Baidu commodity search, the service has been included in the commodity index page of nearly 3000, including the commodity page of the 108361. In addition to the site has joined Jingdong mall, excellence, Dangdang, fun play network and many other well-known e-commerce website users.

it is understood that Baidu commodity search is a free platform for Baidu search open platform. According to the Baidu search page, there are a large number of Internet users search for different categories of goods information through Baidu every day, in order to get through the direct pathway and high-quality user purchase mall and website, Baidu will launch a special merchandise search, to maximize the sale will lead users to ensure high quality. Join the Baidu product search, merchandise page and commodity index page website, will be integrated in the middle page search goods, at the same time when the user queries the corresponding goods, will also appear in Baidu search results page. However, due to the commodity search service is still in trial operation stage, so only accept the invitation site data.

it is understood that Taobao is relying on its product search has become a strong competitor in the search field, and commodity search is also the most profitable search business. Although Baidu’s search for goods is still free of charge, but its commercial value is obvious, perhaps after the maturity of the service will create more real profits for Baidu.

TechWeb contact the relevant person in charge of Baidu, the person in charge of the phone is no answer, as of press time has not yet received official reply.

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