Small and beautiful marketing way is to do their own unique features

has recently been listening to "small is beautiful" this group of words, in the end what is small and beautiful, if small and beautiful integration into our website career, how to exercise their own small and beautiful, that Taobao in the double 12, out of a new line, that is the double hit 12 due to the small and beautiful mall, all the small stores so small and beautiful blooming and open, small and beautiful in the end what is it? If your web site into a series of small and beautiful, what characteristics can render this advantage? In fact, the author of a word, small and beautiful the marketing website is to do their own unique characteristics and advantages.

first point: small and beautiful sites do not collect, there is a saying, there are two said two

most of the time, a simple collection may make this site a transient decline a grade, acquisition may be copied to the site itself, but as a small but beautiful series, is a hidden place collection, has said, there are two two, do we need a website is the need to own an article content have been created, this kind of marketing is called the original marketing.

original article is not difficult, the most important is the ability to explain a truth, for example, we often on several original blog, their view is in experience continuously derived, then these ideas become their own evolution from an article to read the article this is the necessity of the original. Generally speaking, as long as you frequently create content that is feasible, in the past, I was once a day to write essays of different viewpoints, eventually brought different friends attention, these are the necessity of the original.

because everyone love have their own opinions, we at the time of writing, to cite the sentence, but it must have its own interpretation, even if is the same reason, after you change the way of thinking will have different taste, so encourage originality, use your own words to explain a truth, that is the real meaning of an article.

second points: small and beautiful site, do meaningful things, do not allow users to easily leave

What is the

of a small but beautiful website, is that users come to your website after his first impression can he hold, this is a site must be done, for example, you make a dress website, you need to use what way will create their own website features? In fact, the dress is a small category, so this category will have to classify down, users want to see what dress the content on your site, if you can think of these, you will find that this is really.

about the dress, dress style, dress collocation, these are very important, but, if there is no match each other between users, I always believe or not to attract users, beauty is the nature of the girls, beautiful and often only.

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