The Olympic Games are coming See how to play the edge ball marketing nternet Co

The girl Fu Yuanhui

expression pack crazy scraper, the most tender meat Ning Zetao fire all over the world, the Olympic Games once every four years the super IP party.

the different style of the Olympic Games, it is a summer breeze, blowing the audience and cool, heart. Such a shiny big IP, can not be used directly, but with a light head office. So, all sorts of strange things of the Olympic marketing edge ball appeared. Internet Co and the edge ball hit, especially clever.

why not IP games can be directly used, all the brains to the edge of


it’s going to start with the rules of the Olympic committee. Commercial society, no profit can not afford to rise early. Do an Olympic Games, can not always lose money is. So in addition to the retransmission fee. Sponsorship of various businesses is particularly important.

in order to protect these businesses to make money, BOCOG naturally did not pay to limit other businesses to use the Olympic IP. Organizing committee to prohibit the use of brand sponsors and partners outside the Olympic brand elements of commercial propaganda.

that is to say, the Olympic Games logo, mascots, rings can not be used, and even with a clear point of publicity can not be used, otherwise it is infringement.

so all kinds of "dipping behavior" appeared, and some technology companies taking advantage of marketing really had more slip.

UI light up



Jingdong’s entire set of UI has no obvious Olympic logo, but the torch and football venues and other cartoon image, but also very directly to you to convey the Olympic atmosphere.

we are really having



China won the first gold of Lenovo, micro-blog official put this picture, copy "unbridled struggle" is reminiscent of the game is the athlete, and wanton two characters with Lenovo’s recent activities echoes.

who is greener than anyone else!


Jingdong WeChat public number

this is the number of public Jingdong WeChat marketing, through a combination of green and a variety of sports equipment to create the Olympic atmosphere, a closer look at the lower left corner, click the release of your universe "copy, and paste the successful Olympic hot words. The right side of the small map is green, can be regarded as the color of the play very slip.

literature we posted a hot so chic


Jane book

go to the literature and art of small fresh fan children’s book, the Olympic elements into the article, an article, "why do we hold this" count "

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